Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Dying to be famous

In a previous post, I stated that reality television is one of the best things to happen to society. While I still stand by this statement in the fact that reality tv holds up a mirror to the behaviours of the current population, I must concede that what we are shown is manipulated by a production team who call all the shots. Big Brother Australia is around 6 weeks into this year's series, and once again the producers are pushing the moral boundaries.

Last year, it was the turkey slap incident. This year, the production team behind BB has decided to withhold the fact that one of the housemate's fathers has died.... yes, died. Rather than pass this rather crucial piece of information onto housemate Emma, BB is keeping her in the dark. Strangely enough, the family of Emma has come forward to announce that one of the deceased's last wishes was that Emma not be informed of his death until she leaves the Big Brother house. But for fuck's sake, it's not like Emma's goldfish has died - it's her dad. No doubt in my mind she is going to freak out in a massive way once she is eventually informed.

It's with no surprise that I read today that the parent production company of BB Australia, Endemol, is planning of producing a new reality show where a terminally ill patient selects a recipient for her kidney. I wonder if Endemol's reported growth rate for Q1 is in line with the global mortality rate? No mention of the decrease in their morality reported....

Songs played while writing this entry:
"Fatman" The Shamen
"Deliverance" K90
"Speak To Me" Regis
"A Day Without Me" U2
"Givin The Dog A Bone" AC/DC
"Coded Language" DJ Krust feat Saul Williams

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