Sunday, 13 May 2007


Today is Mother's Day in Australia. I love my mum unashamedly as all my good traits can be attributed to the genes she passed to me and the values she instilled in me from an early age. The following is a list of all the things mum has given me of which I am proud:

  • compassion
  • appreciation of nature
  • the ability to sit silently
  • love of music
  • the desire to find the good in every person
  • an interest in the arts
  • love of good food and the ability to cook it (or at least attempt to!)
  • a sense of humour - be it black, intelligent or goof-ball
  • the joy of reading
  • curiosity and the adventurer spirit to explore
  • dedication and devotion

and last but by no means least

  • the ability to love and forgive unconditionally

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there, and particularly to the best one a fucked-up kid like me could have ever asked for.

Songs played while writing this entry:
"Lithium" Nirvana
"Are You There?" Josh Wink
"Tres Chic" Nexus 6
"A2" Andre Michelle
"My Name Is Jonas" Weezer
"Acid Wiss" DJ Skull

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