Sunday, 11 February 2007

Global Revolution - Rambalations 1

WARNING: This entry contains ramblings which may not be completely coherant

You've been warned, if you choose to read on do so at your own peril.

The best thing to happen to society has been reality television.

Still reading? Ok, here's where the rambalations begin.

I'm actually serious about that statement - reality tv has opened our eyes, it has made us see the world as it actually is. We are no longer viewing scripts which have been deemed suitable by production execs who are so far removed from reality that the fiction is feasible. We no longer watch people who make their unjustifiable fortunes by pretending to be someone they are not. No longer do we see product placements and high merchandise possibilities. We look into the lives and homes of real people.

Although reality tv shows are post-scripted and edited in a way to manipulate situations that provides greater intensity and impact, there is that underlying factor of truth/reality that shows how the participants lives are. It could be you, your neighbour, you work-colleague, your sister or brother, cousin, second-cousin. We relate and learn from these shows because they hit straight at our own lives or the lives of those we know. The bimbo is really a bimbo, not some over-paid, plastic actress who, as we all know thanks to the mainstream media, is far more sophisticated and educated. The bimbo is real enough to make us think of people we know, possibly ourselves - we don't know who she is, but it is who she represents that is important. And sometimes that unknown reality participant IS you. Not literally, but so close enough that you feel like you are watching yourself in a different body.

For some strange reason, people like to pretend they don't watch reality tv shows. They will fervently deny it, point out all the weaknesses, scoff at the low-quality production. However, get them in a situation where they are the only one not participating in a conversation about reality tv show x and suddenly they know the names of the participants or the way the show works. Why pretend? Reality is now out there for everyone to see. We're sharing our stories by the millions and not just on tv. Youtube is full of people showing off their stories, talents, thoughts, interests. Flickr is providing a canvass for people to share their stories and perspectives (literally) in visual form. You may not like all of what's there, some may not be your cuppa-tea, but no one is making you look at it and there are plenty of other options. Once you find something that yanks ya crank, then you can contact the person who created it and find others who also appreciate it. Blogs are making global communities of people who share common interests, opinions, skills and goals. And while some of the content may be confrontational or different to the here-to norm, you can view it as an insight to another person.

Thanks to Matt at A Bowl of Stupid

We are starting to come together as a society on a global scale. Nationality, gender, orientation, ability, appearance - none of these things matter any more. We are learning that we are not all that unsimular which is breaking down the traditional barriers. This is happening on such a large scale and at such a fast rate that governments and corporations are actually taking notice. They can't control it or stop it, but I think it is still too early for them to actually learn from it. Instead, they are still looking at ways to harness it, take advantage of it and keep it within their comfort levels. They are scared shitless. The robots have woken up and started talking to each-other, they are no longer afraid to say what they really think.

The timing for this could not have been better. There are over 100 national elections and referendums around the world scheduled in 2007. We are scrutinising the campaigns, policies and promises and discussing them in a global public forum. They know what we're thinking, are afraid that we will soon start demanding and probably have no idea where to start addressing the real issues of their people. Corporations have been riding high the past few years on a boom period of mass-profits driven by a consumerism mentality. Now the consumer mentality is wavering because the public is not as focused on appearance, wants and surface bullshit as it used to be. We are starting to create our own identities and finding the value in each other, not objects.

One of the scariest things for the politicians and CEO's must be the fact that they can no longer pretend. We know who they are - they are not unlike us. We know how they really work because we work for them. They still don't know us, but that can no longer be used an excuse because we are putting ourselves out there for them to see, en-mass and individually. It's the en-mass part that has them worried - but they shouldn't be. All they need to do is change with the rest of us. They should be opening their eyes and doing their jobs by fixing what is wrong - starting with themselves. This world is full of talented, skilled, educated people with passion, interest and heart. Start listening to the people. Identify individual strength and harness it by respecting the person. Let us do the work we are passionate about, give us the resources to do it and set realistic timelines and budgets. Look at your countries or businesses at a micro-level and what you can achieve at macro-level.

The potential for this global coming together is over-whelming - industrial revolution over-whelming. We stand at the verge of a true shift in human civilization and society, and everyone can be a part of it - we can make sure every person on this earth benefits. There will have to be major changes across governments, industries and institutes for this to actually happen. It is our responsibility to make it happen, to revolutionise our world. For a change, the power is in our hands so let's not fuck it up.

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"Born Slippy (Pink Floyd mix)" Underworld v Aphex Tiwn (again;)
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