Sunday, 18 February 2007

Still Vibrating

"I'm picking up good vibrations" The Beach Boys
Recovering from yesterday's Good Vibrations festival so unable to make fully coherent sentences. What follows are thoughts which have not been completely processed....
  • The Beastie Boys are still one of the best, tightest live acts I have ever seen. Their performance at Good Vibes yesterday blew me away as much as they have every other time I have seen them play live. Talent is not reliant on age.

  • Music is a universal language with the capacity to improve the social consciousness, yet its potential to do this is thwarted by the commercial corporate record labels who promote easily marketed, safe and sanitised crap over true talent. Support underground and independent artists.

  • U2 is not the only band out there pushing a message - they just have a good PR team. Props to Jurassic 5 ("Fuck George Bush") and Nightmares on Wax ("Celebrate you being you").

  • People on illegal drugs are much nicer and more courteous than people on legal alcohol.

  • When did the words "excuse me" leave the vocabulary?

  • Being 1 of 10,000 people of different cultural and social backgrounds enjoying themselves on a glorious summer day in the open air listening sounds from around the globe is an awesome experience.

Songs played while writing this entry:
"It Doesn't Matter" The Chemical Brothers
"Satisfaction" Benny Benassi Presents the Biz
"Perception" Cass Vs Slide
"Tomorrow" Alien Factroy
"Voodoo People" The Prodigy
"It's Funky But It Aint House" Carbine
"Red 2" Dave Clark

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