Thursday, 11 January 2007

A Mufti by any other name.....

First off, let me state I am not a racist man. My best mate is Lebanese, another Sri Lankan, my auntie is Malaysian. Nor am I discriminatory against any religion - I have friends who are Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Wikan, Hindi.

So, Mufti Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali has gone on television in Egypt and said teenagers should not be blamed for raping women, Australians are liars and the Muslim-Australians are more Australian than the Anglo-Australians.,23599,21043838-2,00.html

What the fuck?! This coming from a man who claims to be a spiritual leader wishing to promote cultural harmony. Granted, I only know this from what I've seen and read in the media. But when I see a man of God (or Allah in this case) saying these words, it makes my blood boil. It is total bullshit!! There is enough hatred and dis-trust around without having a leader from one community publicly voice opinions which will offend other communities. We try and teach children to accept each other and themselves for who they are, and not to discriminate or place one culture above another. Then dickheads like this go and shoot it all to shit.

By the way, if the Pope was to say the same thing, I'd call him a dickhead too.

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