Sunday, 21 January 2007

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

It's hot today - 36oC in Sydney town. I plan on doing nothing but sitting on my ass all day (tho I may jump in the pool for a bit). Tomorrow is Monday and I have a shit load of work to get through. I contemplate logging into work from home and getting some of the smaller, menial tasks done but I really can't face it on a hot, Sunday afternoon. This is my time, time to be me.

Last night I went with some friends to see Deja Vu which was not too bad. Nothing outstanding about it, but nothing much to dis-like either. I normally steer away from Hollywood blockbuster type movies, but I like Jerry Bruckheimer's movie style (Black Hawk Down is one of my favourite movies).

I downloaded the first season of Weeds yesterday and watched the first 3 episodes when I got home from the movies. This has become my favourite tv show for the moment, even though it's not being screened on television here currently. Channel 9 is going to screen the doco that Steve Irwin was filming when he was killed. It had to happen eventually. No, fuck that - they were going to do it eventually. There is no essential point or purpose behind the screening of this doco other than the exploitation of Steve's death. It's their marketing platform on this one. They are blatantly promoting it as the documentary Steve Irwin was filming when he died. I don't have the energy to do a full rant on this, it's too hot. I think one word sums it up - bullshit.

I also watched Wife Swap USA which I recorded while I was out. It is easy enough to write the show off as a trash reality program, but I see a lot more in it than 2 fast-fame seeking families embarrassing themselves in public. To me, Wife Swap provides an insight to the way people, families, relationships actually are. It also makes me question what sort of man I am, what sort of relationship I want and what I am looking for in a wife. Give it a chance, you may be surprised - I certainly was.

If anyone is actually reading this, perhaps you could help me out with a couple of issues I've experienced since creating this blog?

  1. At the bottom of my template, I have installed a visit counter from Tiny Counter but as you can (or cannot) see, it does not display. Or does it? I can't see it in my browsers - both IE 7 and Firefox. Tiny Counter provides free, no conditions counters and has no real support desk so I'm shit outta luck. If you can see the counter or know of another free, no advertising required counter provider, please let me know.

  2. The majority of my readers come from My Blog Log (hi guys and thanks for your visit!) which is a service I subscribe to. For some reason when I access, no page is displayed. However, if I change the URL to, I can view the page, though without any formatting. Again, I have tried this in both IE7 and Firefox with the same result. I've emailed My Blog Log support but have had no response to date. Any ideas?

That's it for today - time to jump in the pool I think. Hope you have a pleasant and relaxing Sunday to recharge your batteries for another week.

Songs played while writing this entry:
"Re:Evolution" Shamen
"Breaking the Girl" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Dreamer" Living Joy
"Old Mother Reagan" Violent Femmes
"W.M.A" Pearl Jam
"Iris" Goo Goo Dolls
"Hot" Purveyors of Fine Funk
"Dub Plate Pressure Remix" Sniper feat MC GQ
"Yesterday" Guns N Roses


cooper said...

HI, Thanks for stopping by my blog.
The whole Bindy thing is sad.

I lived in Australia twice for a few years each time when younger, my father is an architect and he works on environmentally sound projects.

I have a non-bio uncle in Sydney and can't wait to get back there.

I can't see your counter.

Is it possible for you to get sitemeter in Austrailia? The one I have. It's free and easy.

Second and I am assuming you are fairly new to blogging or at least this blog.

Ditch blogger and go to wordpress. - asap

You will get more and better traffic and it is much easier to configure with less down time and comment messing up than blogger. It is not as easy to hack either.

Also if you are willing to put a larger profile of yourself here it would be more attractive to visitors.

I'll be back and shame on Australia for using that little girl.

Colin Campbell said...

I can see your counter. I use sitemeter.

Not sure about Wordpress. I find Blogger very reliable and easy to use. I have significant issues with posting comments to Wordpress blogs.

flametree said...

Hi Cooper and Colin

Thanks for the comments and advice. For some unknown reason, the page counter started displaying again (I've made no changes to the html code) so I'll leave it for now and see how things go. I tried sitemeter but can't get the page to load for some reason.

Cooper, I've taken your advise and expanded my profile.

Re the blogger v wordpress debate, I think I'll set up a second blog in wordpress and test it out for a few weeks. I've read a number of wordpress blogs and have been impressed by the functionality and presentation so figure it's worth a shot!


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