Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Who's Generation?

Ok, so I may be behind the pack on this one, but I only saw this on Spicks and Specks tonight. Presenting The Zimmers cover of My Generation:

I was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by elderly people. My mum used to work in a nursing home and I often called in on my way home after school for one reason or another. Despite the smells (a mixture of urine, antiseptic, flowers, medicine, food and feces) and the sometimes off-putting behaviours of the residents, I always found the people in the nursing home to be a great source of entertainment and comfort. My family also attended a number of churches, most of which had a largely aging congregation. I gained a good number of surrogate grandparents from the churches, all of whom took a great interest in the events of my life and offered an abundance of knowledge and experience.

While it is important to focus on the well-being of future generations, we must not neglect those who have seen the world change. Kudos to the Zimmers and the BBC for reminding us all that the elderly are part of this changing world and have as much a part to play as anyone.

Songs played while writing this entry:
"Deeper" Barabas & Od1
"Impact" Sound Enforcer
"Dune Buggy" Presidents Of The United States Of America
"Morphist" Drone

"Have A Drink On Me" AC/DC


cooper said...

This was great Thanks.

Ron Davison said...

Bloody brilliant! (I can say that I'm not even British.) Thanks!

gmttzy said...
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flametree said...

I realised tonight that I don't pay enough attention to the comments which people leave on my blog. Fark that's rude of me. Seriously, I read some people's blogs habitually, some occassionally, some irregularly and some rarely - and it's starting to appear that some of the people I read... well, they actually read me too.

Part 2 here:

Cellobella said...

Like me! I saw you'd been to my site and decided to pop by and read yours... and was pleasantly surprised to find a blog worth reading. Thanks. :)

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