Saturday, 14 July 2007

The Power and The Passion - Rambalations 3

Ok, so now we're all one big happy family right? We're all sitting here, talking to each other with no boundaries. We share our strengths and weaknesses, our hopes and fears, our joys and our sorrows, our pasts and futures. Relationships develop that normally wouldn't due to the tyranny of distance. Discrimination is reduced as no longer are we judging on physical appearance, rather we seek out those whose words we relate to - regardless of race, colour, ability or age. Enter the age of the shared experience.

So why the fuck are there still allied troops in the Middle East??

Why the hell are people trying, and succeeding, to explode car-bombs in the UK??

How come the media is still shoving sexist, racist, invasive, and mostly meaningless tripe down our throats??

For fuck's sake, get over it - the rest of us have.

George, give it up man. You tried to take control of the Middle East and it didn't work, so get your troops out of there and start negotiating some peace - but clean up your fuckin mess first. Fundamentalists of all religious types, chill the fuck out. You love your god/deity/idol/whatever - good for you, pretty much everyone can respect that, so go worship in your way and respect others' rights to worship in theirs. Media, grow up. People can now freely pick and choose content from a vast variety of resources and providers, so start offering up the good shit or become irrelevant.

There's still aways to go and people to wake up, but the shift has started. Find the commonalities, start and engage in conversations, form communities and voice opinions. Use the internet as a starting point for discussions that can lead to real and interactive meetings in the physical space, and use the internet again to allow people outside the physical space to participate. Funky shit huh?

This is why I work in internet. It can be frustrating and at times I may claim to hate it, but it is an area that I am passionate about and that's why I keep turning up to work.... that and the money, which is why it's called a 'job'. Fortunately for me, I work with a group of people who have the same passion for the internet, its uses and the potential it has (albeit in differing applications of its potential;). I have found that those who share this passion also share the same open acceptance of one another, warts and all. I work within this group of amazing people sharing the same focus - to build, develop, distribute and improve this medium to achieve its many potentials. And yes, some of that involves revenue potential, which is why my 'job' is paid for by a 'business'. However, the potentials I keep focus on are the vast and rapid dissemination of information, development of online cultures and the use of the internet as an educational tool.

Anyways, it's Sunday, time for my weekly reality check at Post Secret.

Songs played while writing this entry:
"My Planet" Simply Jeff
"W.M.A" Pearl Jam
"Ebeneezer Goode" The Shamen
"Been Caught Stealing" Jane's Addiction
"Blood" Pearl Jam
"Special Ones" George
"Fatman" The Shamen
"Closer to France" Cap Project
"Magic Shop" Stef, Pako & Frederick
"Surf Wax America" Weezer
"Zebra" John Butler Trio

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