Thursday, 7 February 2008

Whale Song

This is a Minke whale:

This is the Japanese Whaling Ship Yshin Maru No. 2:

This is not science:

You shoot a whale with a harpoon - it bleeds.

You shoot a whale with a gun - it dies.

Do something about it.

Songs played while writing this entry:
"Perception" Cass Vs Slide
"One Love" Pearl Jam
"Straight To The Point" Michel de Hey Vs Jeron Verhey
"No Good (Start The Dance)" The Prodigy
"Valley Of The Dolls" Mylo
"Time Out In Toronto" SS
"Shine" Collective Soul


Colin Campbell said...

The whole whale killing thing makes me so angry. It is not just the killing but the whole charade to preserve a food supply.

cooper said...

That is awful, I kind of got caught upo in that site for a few.

I didn't view the video, does it have screaming whales in it? I don't think I could take that.

flametree said...

Colin - I agree whole-heartedly. I can't understand why the Japanese keep up the whole 'scientific research' bullshit when every-one clearly sees through it.

Cooper - there's no audio on the video, I even cut it short so you don't see the full extent of the bleeding whale carcass as it gets dragged up onto the ship.

Brionglóid Media said...

The problem with endangered species is that they're endangered, and are therefore viewed as a rare commodity.

In fact the rarer they are, the more value is attributed to them and the more profitable it is to hunt and kill them. This is true of whaling, just as it is of the fur or ivory trade.

It isn't for "scientific purposes" at all, whaling is an industry in Japan, and we all know how much the Japanese love their industries. In fact you could say their entire society is just one big industry.

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