Sunday, 11 November 2007


"You're so fuckin special
I wish I was special"

I was chatting with a mate on Friday night at a work piss-up and we were discussing a woman we both admire. She's the type I've always been a sucker for. Natural beauty, smart, confident, creative, laid-back and a bent sense of humour. The whole package. And recently single. My mate was doing all he could to convince me that I should pursue a relationship with this incredible woman (the only reason he wouldn't do it himself is that he is happily married to his wife and kids). In theory it sounds great.

You see, I know I am not the type of man this particular woman is attracted to. If I have learnt anything in my short life, it is that everyone has their 'type' when it comes to attraction - both physical and emotional. And in this instance, I fail in both categories. She is attracted to the confident, well-built, tall, decisive, slightly arrogant, sporty, rugged types, whereas I am the quiet, average-build, medium height, submissive, thoughtful, spectator, homely type. We get along great as friends, but the chemicals are only flowing on my side.

So I will continue to admire her as a friend until eventually she finds a guy who fits her type who she chooses to spend her life with and we grow apart.

You may call this a defeatist attitude, I call it realistic.

Songs played while writing this entry:
"Beds Are Burning" Midnight Oil
"Impact" Sound Enforcer
"Capoeira Brasileria Psicolodel" Kaigang
"Point Break" Solphurex
"So Tinha Que Ser Com Voce" DJ Marky
"Big Cat" Afro Celt Sound System
"I'll Get You" Plump DJs


Megan over at Imaginif said...

ummmmm....Paul and I despised each other when we first met. I thought he was an arrogant young upstart (he's younger than me) and he thought I was a weirdo who was hardly tall enough to have an informed opinion on big issues (he still does think I'm a weirdo!!!).

Long story short - we married in March, five years after meeting. We are best friends and once the lust is gone (lol...lust, what is that? Must have never begun perhaps.) we have something more solid than physical attraction.

And...stop making the decision for the woman! Make it for you. The worst than can happen is that she will say, no thank you.

There...I've done the mother thing for today.

Ron Davison said...

Two things. Obviously, her "type" hasn't really worked for her. She's single. You've got a shot. Two, I agree that you can't really force things. If you want a fascinating look at love, lust, and affection, go to and look up Helen Fisher. The story at the end is a great punch line to her talk.

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