Saturday, 8 September 2007

Dotty Points

  • The presiding Australian Commonwealth Government is elected based on a 2-party preferred system. The 2 prime political parties in Australia are the currently in power Liberal party and the Labor party (otherwise referred to as "the Opposition"). The Liberal party was founded by the middle class. The Labor party was founded by the workers.

  • I don't trust either of them to do the job properly, but we're stuck with an archaic electoral system that prevents change and which neither of them will have the balls to change.

  • I do not belong to any political party. None of the minor parties appear to be doing anything to open debate against the 2 major parties and present viable arguements for social change. Protesting is one thing, debating is another, policy planning is something completely different.

  • I cried watching this because I love Australia.

  • And for the fact it was posted on youtube by a 54 year old.

Songs played while writing this entry:
"Sunsets" Powderfinger
"Born Slippy" Underworld
"Only 4 U" Cajmere
"Wish You Well" Bernard Fanning


Cooper said...

Lovely and sad song.

I'm sorry our President made such an ass if himself over there. Not surprised just sorry.

flametree said...

No need to apologise Cooper, we expect no less from the Shrub. Maybe one day he'll figure out the difference between Austria and Australia, OPEC and APEC.

Sorry our guy has been such a suck-ass.

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