Saturday, 18 August 2007

Say Something Damit!

I am sick to shit of crap content. How many blogs have you been to where self-professed blog experts are providing advise on how to best sell your blog? How many of these expert sites are covered in banners, click-throughs, widgets and other bandwidth munching cookie based paraphernalia that the so-called expert uses in an attempt to 'build traffic' and 'make money by blogging'. Fact is, if all you can do regurgitate marketing spin from marketing websites, then your blog is worthless to me. If I wanted to read an advert, I'd go to a commercial website.

I have no issue with people sharing their knowledge, experiences and recommendations - their knowledge, experiences and recommendations, not others'. I respect people who are successful in their industry for taking the time to share and discuss their opinions with readers - if they can back-up their claims to success by referencing reliable and industry recognised sources. But when I stumble across a Homer Simpson attempt at a blog where the author is claiming to be a hugely successful blog developer, my contempt flies off the scale. And more so when the author has the writing and grammatical skills of a 3rd grader. Spelling errors, bad punctuation, poor sentence structure are all accepted (and expected) on personal blogs - professional blogs on the other hand require a certain level of professionalism, such as the correct use of language.

I have no claims to being a professional blogger and have no aspirations to become one. I am, however, a blog reader and if you're seeking my readership, then offer me something to read.

Songs played while writing this entry:
"Surf Wax America" Weezer
"Out Ta Get Me" Guns N Roses
"The Test" The Chemical Brothers
"Return To Reality" Antarctica
"Lost In Emotion" John '00' Flemming
"My Happiness" Powderfinger
"Wish You Well" Bernard Fanning
"Pure Flow" Odyssee


cooper said...

In a way it annoys me, and in a way it cracks me up. Everyone is starting a blog, and one day later they are experts on how to blog.

When you try to tell them that they are a day late and a dollar short they get really pissed off too. ;)

goldcoaster said...

Ah, yes, there are plenty of blog experts around, most are not and most are boring - probably what people say about mine but at least I don't try to make money out of it.

Great post (and blog), I had to click 'I like" and review it on StumbleUpon.

flametree said...

I realised that there have been people reading my blog for almost as long as I've been reading theirs. I have been communicating with these people since day 1, and they have been communicating with me. And yet, more times than not, I have failed to reply to their comments.

Part 3 here:

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